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Well, start off with your name please.
My name? Wellll, Dabronnx is my name and doncha forget it! ^^

What was the name of your somebody
Hmmmm...Brandon was his name. He's not around no more. Caput!

How old are you
At this moment in time I am exactly 21 years of age 4 months 2 days and 16 minutes old! The birthday is June 9th!

And your proof
Proof? The proof is in front of you!
No, no. I mean like your title
Why didn't you say so!? They call me The Brooklyn Rage!

Oooookay...what's your element
Hehehe I use the FORCE!!!!!

Goodness! What's your weapon?
Well it's like a lightsaber but it's a full fledge sword. Sheath and everything. Just call it a beam sword.

Very interesting. How's it work?
Have you ever seen star wars? Well it's a simplified version of that because my concentration level sucks major butt. I can force push and what not but I have no lightning and choke. I have the mind trick but it only works on the simple minded.

Although I have an idea, tell me about your personality
Well, well, well now. I can't stand total strangers. Honestly I'm Xenophobic...yeah whatever. Don't tell it's embarassing. Although I hate strangers I care what people have to think about me so I'll act like it doesn't bother me although on the inside I'm petrified.

But when I'm comfortable I like to see myself as that person you go to when you need "it". "It" being that extra something you need for something to go right. But in truth, I mess that up sometimes. Atleast I try right?

Anything you like?
The ladies! I like tattoo's too. Everything else is whatever with me.

What don't you like
...people I don't know...they have something against me and I'm not gonna give them the chance to harm me or anything about me! I'll kill them all before that happens! Doncha forget it, or I may kill you too!

I'm a little afraid to ask but what's your story?
My story? Once upon a time I was brought to this world (the Bronx but I moved quickly) with very little talent in anything. With enough work I became the hardass you see before you today. Nothing really big.
I worked a lot with Sykes in New York as his hired muscle. That's where I learned to put behind any specific feelings toward people temporarily and kill. I left him when I heard about that stupid bumb and his dogs. It was getting degrating.
After that I moved to Brooklyn where I spent my time cleaning up the gangs in the area. After a few kills I realized that I was going nowhere.
I decided however to stay in Brooklyn and pick up some sword technique (since I carried one around and didn't know how to use it). After I became familiar with my weapon I entered competitions all over the world. The ferociousness I had in the ring gave me the nickname the "Brooklyn Rage."

...and your somebody...what was he like?
He was your regular thug. He had no control of his emotion and always had something to say. One day he let his anger get the best of him and that's when it lead him to hate.
He hated everything and anything that wasn't involved with him. Eventually the darkness in his heart grew so much that it consumed him. He turned into a heartless soon after and that's how I got here. I have no clue what happened to the heartless. Some brat with a key killed him, what a way to go, eh?

Anything you say a lot or believe in?
"Don't push it, or I'll give you a war you won't believe."
"Being unnoticed isn't the same as being alone."
"Free will is only the struggle between two passions. Otherwise it'd be a no brainer."
"Doncha forget it!"
Another member ^ ^
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October 11, 2009
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